Band Members

Chris Coleman - Guitars, Programming & Backing Vocals
Frank Reding - Guitars & Vocals
Nick Gagg - Bass Guitar

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Amaranth was formed in 2000, with Frank and Chris as guitarists, and 3 other musicians, following the dissolution of Dying Culture. After only one gig, it looked like Amaranth would split up too and disappear into oblivion. But the guitarists decided to continue, believing in their material and visions. They brought Dave onbard as singer and drum programmer to form a small but strong core to build on. Later in the year, singer Hannah joined the three for a demo recording, and joined the band for good following that. Fifty copies of the demo, simply titled "Amaranth", were produced, and were sold or given away very quickly. Come 2002, Dave receeded from his frontman duties and concentrate on writing and programming. In 2002 Chris Burdett stepped in as lead singer, and left again in 2003. Hannah also left that year, and Amaranth continued with Frank on vocals and brought in Olly on bass, and later in 2004 also Dave. In 2006, Dave left Amaranth to pursue avenues more closely aligned with his musical tastes, and Nick Gagg was brought in.

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