Since its beginnings, Amaranth have tried to define their music style. At its most general, it is melodic heavy metal, with both gothic and death influences. Beyond that - you decide.

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Video Clips

The following videos are from the live performance at the Marquee in Norwich, on the 11th June 2004. All videos are in Windows Media 9 format, unless specified otherwise. Click on a video to stream it, or right-click and choose Save target as... to save it to your computer.

Amaranth (Demo CD)

We released a demo CD limited to 50 copies in the early days of Amaranth. Below is the cover and the tracklisting.


Track Listing:

1. Waiting for Dawn
2. Untimely
3. Phosphorescence
4. Happy Hunting (Sherlock)
5. Seams
6. Dying Culture
7. The Awakening

*Sold out*

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