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22nd April 2005
Amaranth Recording
From tomorrow we will be recording four new songs, to be relased as an EP (privately). The songs are Shapes, The Difference, Follow the Sun and Phase IV. Of those, Follow the Sun and The Difference have never been played live yet. The finished EP may contain one or more live tracks too. A release party is planned - watch this space for details.
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16th September 2004
Support Confirmed
This is just to let you know that progessive death metal combo Sinister Clothcat have now been confirmed as our support act for the gig on October 3rd. The gig is free entry.
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13th September 2004
Flyer for October Gigs
Here is the first flyer for our october gigs. A new one is due to come out once we've confirmed our support band.
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5th September 2004
More Gigs Confirmed
We are now confirmed for two gigs in October. The first one is on Sunday 3rd at the Marquee, where we will be showing off the fruits of our recent composing labour. Support for this gig is to be confirmed. The second gig is as part of an all-day Halloween festival at the Ferry Boat on the 31st itself! See the Gigs page for details.
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17th August 2004
Halloween Gig
Amaranth are playing at the Halloween All-Dayer at the Ferry Boat on October 31st, alongside bands like Sinister Clothcat and Then Kame Silence. It's going to be loud! Details to follow.
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19th July 2004
We're Writing New Material
Amaranth is currently bsuy writing new material, which it will hopefully be showing off in upcoming gigs in August or September. We have so far written two new songs, and more are in production. Said production process is slowed down slightly for the next couple of weeks as guitarist Chris is getting married. Congratulations!
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1st July 2004
Site Upgrades
I've gotten off my butt and coded a mini blogging system for the news on here, so you can leave your thoughts, comments and opinions. Word of warning: abuse it and be banned and have your house burned to the ground by raving, trained rabbits with flame throwers from Russia.
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26th June 2004
First video online!
We finally have a video online. A low-res version of the song Amaranth from our gig at the Marquee is now available in the music section. More (and higher quality) videos are to follow!
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13th June 2004
Gig pictures now online
A whole load of pictures from last Friday's gig are now available for your viewing pleasure in the newly integrated photo section. Rated PG. :)
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12th June 2004
What a gig!
First of all a big thank you for all who turned up and made it one of the best gigs we've ever had! And then a huge thanks to the two gorgeous dancers that kept the audience's attention throughout, and of course a massive thanks to Malcolm for the brilliant paint job. Many thanks to Mikko for great camera work and Nik for all the photography. Also a thanks to the Marquee for being very supportive all the way. Last but not least a big thanks to Declan for bringing all the kit, setting up, mixing, and keeping it all together.

Here's a picture we shot before the gig - more from the gig itself and hopefully some video clips will follow soon!
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7th June 2004
Live at the Marquee
The gig on Friday is almost upon us! This is to inform that as of now we have two dancers confirmed for the act, who will be bodypainted by London artist Malcom Mellon!
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5th May 2004
Gig Poster
The poster/flyer for the upcoming gig at the Marquee can now be viewed here. Pictures of painted models courtesy of
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13th April 2004
Website finally back up and running
Long promised, it's finally happened - the Amaranth site is back online. I'll try to keep it uptodate this time!
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13th April 2004
Amaranth @ The Marquee, Norwich
We will be performing at the Marquee in Norwich on Friday 11th June. Support to be announced.
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2nd February 2002
Chris Burdett confirmed as singer
After the resounding success of our last gig, there were no more questions about our lineup. We are at this stage looking for a possible drummer and bassist though, if interested, please email us.
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18th January 2002
New gig confirmed
Amaranth will be appearing at Rawkus Live II on the 13th of February, alongside Subvert and others. This night will hopefully become a regular feature at the Waterfront, giving local bands a chance to display their skills. Amaranth are expected to appear with a new singer (details to be confirmed.)
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25th November 2001
Amaranth rocking Norwich with New Singer
After a very successful gig at Lockstock in Norwich, where our new singer proved himself publically for the first time, new plans are ahead. Amaranth are currently finishing off writing new material before heading into the studio to record a new demo album. A bio page for our new singer Neil Frankham is in the works, and there might be a couple of video clips from our last gig coming soon.
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20th August 2001
Minor Updates
I have installed a counter on the front page and moved some of the headlines into an archive, so as not to clutter this page too much. Now make sure you actually come back every so often, otherwise the visitor count will look dire. :)
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15th August 2001
Songs and Guestbook Online
All the tracks from our first demo CD are now available for download, encoded using the new windows media 8 codec, resulting in CD quality songs at 64kbs. Furthermore, I have installed a guestbook in the contact section for everyone to leave their comments.
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9th August 2001
Short biographies of the members are in progress of being added. Furthermore we should have the whole demo CD online in MP3 format shortly.
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8th August 2001
Site Overhaul
At last the old look of this site has kicked the bucket. For far too long was a simple page the site of this band. Any comments on the new look are more than welcome. Please note the songs are not on the server yet.
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